Equipment Financing

Take Advantage of Our Equipment Financing Solutions

If you want your business to continue growing, you most likely need to purchase more equipment to support that growth. Here at Forsyth Capital Group, we make it easy to acquire the equipment you might not be able to afford if you had to pay for it all at once. Our equipment financing programs are designed to help you pay for equipment in manageable monthly payments. That way you can free up more of your cash for your daily operating needs.

Your Financing Choices

We always like to offer borrowers as many financing choices as possible. That way, they can apply for solutions that are the perfect fit for their goals and needs. Here are some of the equipment leasing and financing options that are available for qualifying borrowers:

  • Government and Municipal Options: With guaranteed approvals and great terms, these programs are perfect for municipal and government entities. Whether you represent a state or federal government agency or your local fire department, these financing options are for you.
  • Second Chance Programs:Most businesses experience failures before they succeed. If your credit profile is less-than-perfect, please ask us about our second-chance equipment financing options. They can help you gain access to equipment you wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.
  • Startup Programs:These financing solutions are perfect for startup businesses. They can help you acquire the different types of equipment you need to continue growing.
  • Sale and Lease Back Program: This program is pretty simple. You sell us the equipment you already own. But don’t worry about sending it to us. Instead, you can hang onto it and we’ll let you lease it from us. The equipment will be yours again at the end of the contracted leasing period.

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