Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

You Could Get Approved for a Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loan Today

Getting turned down for a business loan is never a fun thing. Fortunately, you may be able to avoid that scenario when you apply for a stated income commercial real estate loan from Forsyth Capital Group. This loan program is intentionally designed to help business owners with imperfect credit get the approval they need to purchase commercial real estate. You’ll need to make sure the property you’re trying to buy isn’t valued so low that it won’t qualify. As long as the property value is sufficient, you have a really good chance of approval.

Program Details

While most loan approvals are based on credit profile, stated income commercial real estate loan approvals are based on the value of the property you’re buying. You’ll need to evaluate the property prior to applying to make sure it’s high enough to cover the mortgage costs, taxes, and any other associated costs. As long as it is, you’re in good shape for loan approval. Here are some additional program details to know about before applying:

  • Your credit score will need to be no lower than 600 to qualify
  • These loans are fully amortized
  • We offer up to 75% loan-to-value financing for qualifying properties
  • We finance almost any type of property imaginable
  • Our loan amounts can go as high as $500,000
  • We offer up to 25-year loan terms
  • Our loans come with low fixed rates

Whether you’re purchasing real estate to construct a building on or you just want to hold onto it for a while, this program may be a great fit.

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We enjoy helping business owners get the financing they need for various purposes. If you’re interested in our stated income commercial real estate program, we invite you to apply today so we can deposit the funding in your bank account as soon as possible.