Protect Your House Flip During Rehab

Most construction areas are targets for thieves, and your rehab property is no exception. Keep your expenses low and avoid construction delays by securing your worksite. Luckily, you can keep your property secure and minimize the risk of a break-in. Here are the things every rehabber needs to know to keep their property safe.

Install Cameras

Security cameras deter thieves from approaching a property. Place visible and hidden security devices throughout the property. You should be able to see and record the entire property. About 60% of thieves avoid hitting properties with cameras.

Illuminate the Property

Exterior lighting is critical to keep your rehab property safe. Illuminate the property with motion-detecting and standard lighting. Be courteous to neighbors; don’t shine a bright light into their bedroom.

Schedule Strategically

If burglars don’t see anything of value on the property, they will likely pass by. Try to schedule deliveries close to your installation timeline. Rent a storage unit if you must have supplies delivered early. A portable storage unit protects items when you can’t secure the home.

Control Property Access

Unfortunately, unethical workers can return overnight and use their keys to access the home. Install smart locks and give a unique entry code to each worker or company. You can limit when workers can unlock the door. It also provides a record of who entered the building.

Remove Trees

Don’t give burglars a chance to hide on your rehab property. Remove or trim trees and shrubs so that passersby can see the home. It also reduces the number of cameras and lights you must install, as they cover a broader range.

Take It with You

Tools are expensive and easy to snatch. Ask contractors to remove their hand tools at the end of the day. You can also install a large safe inside the building. Workers can secure their belongings overnight. Just be sure the safe cannot be moved easily.

Hand out Your Card

Introduce yourself to the neighbors. Give them an overview of the project. Tell them when contractors are expected on the property. Ask them to report any suspicious activity to authorities. Assure the community that if their home should be burglarized while your cameras are active, you will work with authorities and turn over your footage.

When it’s all said and done, unfortunately, it may be best for you to hire a security agency to monitor or patrol the property. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to find the solution that protects your investment.